Time proven technique of building

UAB Dolena was established in 1996 by reorganising an old fashioned saw mill. Since that time after a constant growth and investments the company is producing Scandinavian quality timber houses and loh house kits of different types.

Our timber constructions are built using many of the traditional tools which allow us flexibility and precision in joinery design and fit.

Our way of building is rooted in the long standing tradition of timber frame construction, utilizing traditional methods proven over time. We use only hand selected timbers, ensuring optimum strength.

We are Producer of Scandinavian Quality Loghouses, log homes and log house kits, sauna houses, bath house, log houses, timberhouses. Our location- baltikum, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Baltic States. Our gardenhouses, playhouse, solid wood houses, timber house and timber houses are handcraft, ecological, healthy, natural. Walls of the houses are made of interlocking timber.

Unique and ecological houses

We can as well together with our customers plan, sketch, design and shape log houses. You can even mix both log and timber frame techniques in the same house. The results are spectacular.

This unique and, at the same time, the most natural of all material creates a natural atmosphere and lively feeling.

Our customers are a part of a creation process. A unique and beautiful house is the result of good cooperation with the client.

Lithuania - good logistics and business environment

UAB Dolena is located in western part of Lithuania, Klaipeda. The country has only 3.7 millions of inhabitants but one of the highest rate of technical staff education in Europe. Due to a favourable geographical location our company can offer very efficient export procedure to any European or Scandinavian countries. This also enhances close cooperation with the client as we have very convenient travelling routes.

Strength, versatility, and the natural beauty

Strength, versatility, and the natural beauty of exposed beams are a part of all of our homes. Unique to you - the exterior siding, window shapes, room sizes, etc. are easily adapted to accommodate your lifestyle.

Smooth process of construction

We deliver unique, energy-efficient and high-quality prefabricated iterlocking building kits of Timber Frame and Logs.

As the constructions of both log and timber frame are already prefabricated in our factory the building process onsite is very time efficient.

Unique ideas

UAB DOLENA understands that every client is unique - as it is each project. Our team believe that the trust from our clients must be earned by delivering implemented ideas for you.

We custom design and build every timber frame home and log building.

More information

For more info write us to info@dolena.lt or visit our main Internet site www.dolena.lt.





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